My 1st is my Last?

“image that you have decided to re-do for the final portfolio – the original image may have been created in this class”

Remember this forest or the girl?  Yup I’ve used them before.  I changed the Girl a lot though.  This was the 1st picture I finished for your class.  After sitting on it for a few days now I guess I will turn it in.  I thought about it and its not to bad.  Compare to the rest it may be the weakest in the running.  I still plan to use this for my Dungeon and dragons campaign.


“1 image that is completely vector”

I vectored a demon from my comic.  Haven’t seen this guy before? Well non-vector version… He’s hidden in another one of my pictures I’ve turned in.


“1 image that is feminine”

Once again I focus on the background after drawing and coloring a Dungeon and dragons NPC.  This character is Princess Eel a rare red dragon that is pink.  She is not nearly as strong as other red dragons or as strong as she believe she is.  I feel the picture feel feminine because all the hard edges where removed.


“1 image that has no words at all”

Raven is a NPC to a Dungeon and Dragons campaign I’m been working on.  I Image him to be more a quiet character.  This Picture I drew.  For the Background I rendered a random cloud in Photoshop and used some filters to get the background effect.  I feel Backgrounds have been my weak spot so focus on this one to create an original one.


“1 image completely of your choosing”

Angelflavor is my main I play as in wow.  I drew this a while ago so it’s not really as good as some of my newer art.  I still feel it good enough to be “Shrined as a stain glass window.