Friday Knights

“1 image that is completely vector”

Friday Knights is the guild I’m in World of Warcraft.  This will be the guilds profile picture this May.  It’s nice that it’s vectored because I will use it in a lot of the B-day art I have planned this May.


FoR dE-kiDs

“1 image that is aimed toward children”

When I was a kid I loved Trains.  My room was Train Themed.  I knew every type of car on a freight train.  Living next to a train track helped this.  The engine in the picture don’t look like the ones that when by our house.  GP-38 is the engine is the engine I’m use to seeing, but they are not build to go up mountains…. It would be stupid it trick kids into thinking they could… so I used morgue file over my own pictures.

Dream as a Women

“1 image that is feminine”

This picture is a bit idealist for the message, but it is still very feminine.  Mostly when making the picture is how to deconstruct a dome back into a girl.  FYI Domes and arches are consider feminine in construction…  Source of knowledge: I worked off and on in construction since before 2003.

Sharp as a Male

“1 image that is masculine”

If a Lizard in a Shell of scales, covered in barb-wire isn’t masculine, when I don’t know what is.  Only Feminine feature I see on this is the shell looks like an egg… I’m fine with this due to All men have at least one X chromosome.  (XY, XXY and some rare cases in humans are XX.. yup women can be boys too)

Holy Virgin Monster?

“1 image based on a famous work of art (any medium)”

I love how this turned out.  The monster is even praying.  I over-layed Marry’s face on the monster, but that really wasn’t need.  It looked like Marry with out it, but now it’s for sure her.  I didn’t mean for this to be my famous art work, but I learned at least tentacle monster is a virgin.


“1 image based on a movie or TV show”

Kind of unfair when I own a Proton Pack.  I made myself a bit more comic book feeling.  The comic book thing was a big theme I could not escape this for this final.  After thinking about it I think it’s my excitement for the avengers movie.  I love being a ghostbuster… but how can I put this and not have to keep a promise… Tony Stark  may not be the only one with a working Iron man suit this Summer….

Black as Death

“1 image based on one color of your choice”

I can’t believe I didn’t do green…. Let me double check.  WTF?????  Black… well I just failed… black is not even a color.. It’s a Shade.  In our culture black symbolizes Death…. Wait whats wrong here… O I don’t know… Maybe… Why didn’t base this on Asian culture and make it white..  Man This Picture is just not me…  Why would I choose this?… OOOOOOOOO I see death also about bone, and I found a cool way to filter my favorite bones for the background.  I’d be willing to bet Death hanging himself was the last thing I did to this picture.